Critic's Pick: The Icing on the Cake
Courier Journal
May 2009
Saturday May 16: Jason Burnett of Louisville graduated from Western Kentucky University a year ago with the nickname "Cakeboy."

He is a baker of sorts, a clay and a print artist now attending Penland (N.C.) School of Crafts on a two-year scholarship. His works have included sheet cakes of the inedible sort, an over-the-top cupcake decorating machine, aprons and other works involved with the idea of sugar coating the truth, especially when it comes to gender identity.

Burnett's first one-man show in Louisville is at Galerie Hertz, 1253 S. Preston St., with a 1 to 4 p.m. opening Saturday, May 16.

"I like to think I am jaded and can't be astonished by talent," said gallery owner Billy Hertz. "But I am."

-Diane Heilenman
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