4 Best Ceramic Cat Bowls Reviews

What are ceramic cat bowls?

Ceramic Cat BowlsWhat material do you think they use to make the cat bowl you use to feed your cat? Plastic? Wood? Or Metal? Well, your thoughts are understandable since there are tons of brands out there that sell intoxicated bowls made from Plastic, Wood or even Metal. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the negative sides of the products they use on their pets. Eventually, more and more cats are slowly killed each year.

Though you don’t know about the existence of another material apart from the listed ones above doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Ceramic is the kind of material we are talking about here, which is the safest material humans have ever invented.

The ceramic bowl is usually made from earthenware, porcelain or earthware. While stoneware is proved to be the top priority, earthenware and porcelain are also considered as the brilliant picks for your cat. In this article, we will have a look at how the best ceramic cat bowls are and where to get them.

Why are ceramic bowls the right choice?

If your mind is still shaken when you think of getting your cat a ceramic bowl, let us tell you our reasons why having some of the best ceramic cat bowls is the best thing that has ever happened to your cat.

They are stable and uneasy about messing with

As a cat owner, you must be facing the situation of your cat leaving food dirt all around the kitchen floor or the feeding bowl lying somewhere it doesn’t belong. The reason for those circumstances obviously is because of your bad behavior cat. We all know that if your cat is a playful little one, then he always tries his best to rock everything around him, including his meal. The number of the time you have to spend on cleaning your house based on the adrenaline level of your cat when it comes to his mealtime.

Luckily, this situation is going to be ended very soon with an unbelievable function of the ceramic bowls. Due to their natural elements, ceramic bowls cannot be moved easily with the light force your pet impacts on them. However, don’t you worry that it might be impossible for you to carry the bowls on your own because the weight of the bowls is even less than your personal laptop?

They are friendly to your microwave

Honestly, no one is able to serve fresh food every day, even for themselves. Humans have invented the microwave to enable anyone of us to reheat the cold foods and make them taste almost like the hot fresh food right from the oven. In many situations, you will have to give your best buddy the canned or frozen foods that need to be heated using a microwave. The progress of microwaving isn’t suitable for bowls made from materials such as plastic or metal. The heat from the microwave may make the plastic melt and turn the metal into burned charcoal.

Made from the purest elements of the earth and heated in the burning oven, ceramic bowls are friendly to the microwaves. No matter how hard you want your pet food to be cooked, the ceramic bowl you put in your microwave will stay the same.

They are easy to clean

Using a small amount of cleansing gel or soap with a soak of water, you can easily clean the ceramic bowls. If you are a lazy cleaner, who is “too busy” for a carefully cleaning routine, then you can pickle the ceramic bowls for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with pure water. Another method to clean the ceramic bowls the quickest is placing it in a dishwasher and wait until it is completely cleaned.

The top five best ceramic cat bowls

The fact that ceramic cat bowls are good for your cats is undeniable, but it doesn’t mean you should get any ceramic bowl you see in the local stores without knowing about its function and price. In addition to that, spending on something you barely know about is a waste of time and money.

To ensure that your first experience with a ceramic bowl is safe and sound, we’d like to list our choices of the five best ceramic cat bowls that you need to take any of them home.

1. HARMONY Tough Guys Ceramic Cat Bowl

Coming with colorful decoration and a round-shaped form, this HARMONY Tough Guys Ceramic Cat Bowl will encourage both you and your little buddy to enjoy mealtime.

If you are in love with nice-looking features and want to add something that is bright and colorful to your home, then you should have a look at the HARMONY Tough Guys Ceramic Cat Bowl. The first impression you would get from this product is obviously the elegant prints of cat and fish. The cats drawn on the bowl looks stunning while the fish border surrounding the rim of the bowl is brilliant. Overall, the white paint that plays a decisive role in the design of the product sure will enable you to place it at any place in your house.

In addition to that, the sloping sides of the product are gentle enough for your cats to eat. For the cats with small to medium-sized heads, eating in the X-small HARMONY Tough Guys Ceramic Cat Bowl isn’t a difficult thing. If your cat has a big head, you can choose the bigger size of the bowl, as the manufacturer offers another bigger size which is categorized as Medium.

Above all, HARMONY Tough Guys Ceramic Cat Bowl is an easy-to-clean product. This is one of the reasons why it appears in this list of the best ceramic cat bowls. You don’t have to spend hours at the cleansing tub to deal with the rough dirt that sticks to the bowl after you leave it unwashed for a long time. With the help of the natural lemon juice squeezed directly to the bowl, you will have a clean product that smells nice and new. Furthermore, this product is safe for dishwasher, as it is able to deal with almost every kind of dishwashers sold at the market.

2. SLSON Ceramic Pet Bowl

SLSON Ceramic Pet Bowl is the right choice for the pet owners whose lifestyle is simple but still healthy and balance. This product is made with the simplest design in the world – white paint and a traditional round shape. This feature makes the bowl be easy to use and clean. If you think its weight is as light as its color, then you are wrong. Your pet will not be able to push this bowl when he wants to play with it. In fact, this 12-liquid ounce bowl is like a food god to your cat since it makes your cat come over the place where it belongs and get fed nice and comfortably. The bowl is 5.6 inches in width and 1.5 inches in length, which is the perfect size to serve a full dinner to your pet.

Another element we should be noticing about the SLSON Ceramic Pet Bowl is the material that it is made of. The high-quality exquisite ceramic prevents the bowl from causing noise, and it doesn’t absorb smell like the low-quality ceramic. We are sure that you shall be happy with the product you get from SLSON.

3. Petrageous Designs Here Kitty

First thing first, this ceramic bowl is the cheapest offer in our list of the five best ceramic cat bowls. With only 6$, you can have a beautiful ceramic cat bowl with multiple positive points.

Released by Petrageous Designs, Petrageous Designs Here Kitty is one of the products that made the pride of this company. The products come in two different colors for the customers to choose, one is the gorgeous pink, and the other one is sea blue. The design of the product with the face of a cat makes it look outstanding from the other ceramic cat bowl.

In addition to that, Petrageous Designs Here Kitty is made to FDA standards, which means that it is warranted by the manufacturer to be a safe product for your pet. The bowl is also dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, so you can spend less time preparing food and have more time to play with your little buddy.

The products weigh only 8 ounces, which is perfect for you to bring it with you when you and your cat go on a trip. You can place it in your back seat or even your large bag without fear of wasting space.

4. Bone Dry DII Ceramic Round Pet Bowl

The last recommendation in this list of the five best ceramic cat bowls is given to a product that comes from Bone Dry, which is mostly known as Bone Dry DII Ceramic Round Pet Bowl. This product is also the most expensive food container we offer, so if you hate pricey products, you can swipe up to see more interesting content.

Bone Dry DII Ceramic Round Pet Bowl contains a set of 2 different bowls, each one measures 4.25 Dia x 2H, and they are suitable for medium cats. The plus point of this product is its durable material (Porcelain ceramic), which makes it conveniently dishwasher-safe. The silicone rim at the bottom of the product keeps it where it is placed and prevents the bowl from being slid around the floor.

In addition to that, the set of Bone Dry DII Ceramic Round Pet Bowl can come with various sizes and designs. If you don’t like the design in the suggested link, you can type Bone Dry Pet Bowl in the search bar on Amazon, then tons of beautiful designs of these products will be shown for you to pick.

Tips for the best experience with ceramic bowls.

Never drop them from a high distance

The bowl’s longevity is cracked when you accidentally throw it or drop it down from any place that is higher than 0,5 meters. Why? Because this tragedy will break the structures of the materials that made the bowl, which leads to a heart-break result: you will have to spend money on a new bowl.

Never use a broken bowl

Well, this is the tip that comes after you accidentally broke your cat’s ceramic bowl. As the incident happens, parts of the bowl might have un-seen cracks that can hurt your buddy’s mouth and cause bleeding. In this situation, you shouldn’t be thrifty or else; the money you have to spend on bringing your cat to the vet will cost you more than what you shouldn’t have spent.

Never overuse the automatic washer to clean them

Even when the ceramic bowls are friendly to the dishwasher, it doesn’t mean that you can always throw it in the dishwasher and neglect the fact that the extremely steaming water from the dishwasher can generate cracks. We don’t force you to clean the ceramic bowls by hands all the time, but sometimes you need to. The cleaning routine for the ceramic bowls isn’t complicated, and it is one hundred times more effective than cleaning it with a dishwasher.


In Conclusion

Let us remind you that out of the products from the list of the five best ceramic cat bowls we offered you above, and there are tons of other amazing products that can be taken into consideration. Besides the function of serving meals to your little ones, the ceramic cat bowls can also be used when you want to bring your cat soft drink such as water or milk. There’s one thing we want you to be aware of here is that ceramic cat bowls never mess with your cat’s digestion at any circumstance. If you desire further information, don’t hesitate to do advance research online.


Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts of the ceramic bowls that you recently used. Your words may help us to vary our content and give the other pet owners ideas to make their best decisions!