5 Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains (2023 Reviews)

What are drinking fountains for cats?

You can guess right from the name to tell some features of a water fountain for your pet. Upon studying the behavior of a large number of cats, researchers found out that they prefer running water to still one in a bowl. Therefore, a fountain not only provides water to their liking but also a creative and good-looking accessory. The reason behind this is that your cat can hear, see, and know that what he’s drinking is safe. It’s quite an instinct, to be honest.

Some benefits of the best ceramic cat water fountain

Ceramic Cat Water FountainsWhile most of us would consider the fountain to be a mere luxury, it’s recommended by lots of vets. The advantages are numerous.

As I mentioned early on, cats don’t like stagnant water sources. If you’ve seen your cat tipping the bowl to see what’s inside, this is one indication. Naturally, cats have excellent visions, but a short distance is hard for them to tell if the water is drinkable.

Furthermore, cats are relatively careful when it comes to what they ingest. Placing food or water inside a bowl can give it a smell of discomfort, which is a big no to your cat. When you get your drinking fountain, keep in mind to distance it away from the food source. That way, your cat’s eating habits shouldn’t be affected.

Developing from wild cats in jungles, the domestic cats have a low thirst drive. In the past, they get water mostly from their food source. Nowadays, however, we tend to provide them with cat food in a box that has been dried to suit a longer storage period. The best ceramic cat water fountain can prevent him from getting diseases like urinary tract infections or problems related to kidneys.

Lastly, this is a win-win situation for you and your pet. The fountain makes it relaxed and comfortable – you won’t have to change or refill the water several times a day. Every spray comes with a charcoal filter that gives your cat a clean water supply. The fountain is replaceable, fortunately.


What criteria is there to assess a cat water fountain?

The best ceramic cat water fountain for cats needs to fulfill these conditions:


If it’s food or water, you must give your pet cat clean and fresh stuff. Unlike us, animals have weaker resistance to harmful substances, so keep in mind to research clearly about filtering systems. For cat fountains, there is two most popular method of filtration, which are mechanical and chemical. The first utilizes a sponge surrounding the pump, while the latter uses activated charcoal.

The chemical has long been used to absorb toxins and impurities. It’s safe in the digestive system, so your cat won’t be in trouble if the filter breaks. For any fountain, make sure you clean or replace the filtering system regularly.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is also essential – we’re all busy people, after all, and the drinking fountain takes up our responsibility to provide our cats with water. An easy to clean fountain affects how regularly you wash it. Your cat will benefit from that the most. The best ceramic cat water fountain needs to be clean all the way through.

Material choice and durability

A drinking fountain should be long-lasting. The pump, especially, needs to be usable for a few years to come. Be sure to check the guarantee card that gets offered with the product. If the pump fails during the first year, the manufacturer should fix it for free.

Visual attractions

Performance aside, these criteria may not seem worth considering. It is, though, as the fountain should stick to you for a long time. It needs to fit in well with the surroundings, so choose a model you won’t get sick of looking at. The best ceramic cat water fountain can look stunning as well.

Reviews of the best ceramic cat water fountains for your cat

1. Catit Water Fountain

I’ve come across some forums and websites, and they’ve given this fountain a high score. When it comes to testing, I can see the reason why. Given the value for money and reliability, this is easily the best cat fountain out there.


Firstly, the visual properties are excellent with this one. It caught my eyes the first time I see it, and that should be the case for your cat, too. Furthermore, cats using this fountain will take little time to spot the water source, and the thing is easy to clean as well.

The filter is fantastic on the Catit. Any fur or dirt has no chance of entering the running stream, which is extra safe for your pet. Assembling this tool is also a piece of cake. Everything slides together without any hassle. The overall structure is well-built.


The only problem I have with this fountain is that it can be too light. If you own an aggressive cat, he can easily disassemble the top and spill everything. It’s a usual scenario if you find the thing sliding around when your cat uses it.


2. MOSPRO Flower Cat Fountain

This is a relatively new face on the cat fountain market. However, reviews have been positive for it. While being the same price as other plastic fountains, this one offers two spare filters.


The MOSPRO fountain is tranquil. This can be the most silent fountain I’ve tested so far. Offering three modes, this fountain makes all of them excellent. The first one is the standard waterfall, which is typical for any dispenser around. Next, there’s a more gentle setting to that. Finally, the flower bubble mode is pretty unique and entertaining.

What is more, if you’re going to be away from home for a long time, this can be a lifesaver. The general of fountains, if run dry, can give out smoke and catch fire. The MOSPRO can operate without water for up to a week on a 2W power source.


Packing a lot of features into an accessory isn’t always a great idea. After some time, the fountain begins to lose some of the operating modes. The thing is also lightweight. Your cat can move it everywhere or may damage it. The build quality isn’t that of a solid fountain.

3. Drinkwell Pagoda Water Fountain

We’ve been through some lovely but light fountains, and I’m sure you’re going to love the Drinkwell Pagoda. While most of the cat fountains out there seem out of place from the kitchen, this one possesses the same design. I’d say that this is the best ceramic cat water fountain.


The color tone and material make this cat fountain suitable for a modern décor of a kitchen. Anyway, what I love about this model is that you can have several cats using it at the same time. Two water streams create a splashing sound, attracting your cat. That’s not a noise issue. I think that ambient noise is quite friendly to your ears. Furthermore, there’s a pool on top of the fountain. Cats should be drinking from here more often, as the thing keeps on bubbling freshwater.

The charcoal filter is removable, and even reusable if you treat it well in sunlight. Some parts of the Drinkwell Pagoda can sustain the dishwasher, but you’ll need to disassemble a lot.


While being 360-degree open to your pet cats, this drinking fountain can hold up to 2 liters of water. That’s far from the largest of the fountain market. You’ll find yourself refilling the fountain more regularly. What is more, this is made of ceramic. The thing isn’t too light, but sometimes it can be a little heavy to move around.

4. Drinkwell Original Water Fountain

Drinkwell once again appears on my list, and that’s for a good reason. The Original model has been a great success. You can’t ask more from a model with excellent value for money.


While it’s disappointing that this model offers only 1.4 liters of water, the creators have included another 1.4 liters container. A total of 2.8 liters should be enough to satisfy your needs. Made with ceramic free of BPA, it’s safe for your pet cat.

What is more, the direct water stream can promote your cat to drink more water. It seems like the majority of them prefer this kind of supply to the flower fountain.


I think this model has been so fantastic that it doesn’t have any significant setbacks. If I have to find one, though, it’d be the design of this fountain. Being around for quite a time, it’s easy to recognize that it doesn’t look so fancy. Anyway, for a tight budget, you can go for the Drinkwell Original. It surely can compete with the list of new, modern fountains today.

5. YOUTHINK Pet Fountain

Your furry friend is going to love this fountain, and so is you!


It takes no further assembling to use this fountain. If your cat is a playful time, he can’t knock the thing over easily, spilling water everywhere. The YOUTHINK Fountain is also good at filtering any excess fur from your pet. Freshwater is abundant for this tiny model – 2 liters is more than enough for a small fountain like this. It’s so compact that you can take it away on trips.

What is more, thanks to the design, this drinking fountain is pretty quiet, but cats can always show up. That’s a great feature


The disadvantage is easily recognizable. It’s a light and hard-to-spill fountain, but your cat can still move it around. A messed up scene is what nobody wants to see.

Maintaining the water fountain

Initially, the fountain is a pretty clean set up. Water gets cycled all the time, so that’s not a breeding ground for tiny creatures.

However, this is a necessary process. Food bowls, dishes, and water fountains require regular cleaning and maintenance. That keeps those nasty bacteria away from your pet, and even yourself.

It’s vital that you change the filter every 2 months or so. Over time, the build-up of fur and dirt slows down the water stream, and that becomes an ideal place for fungi and bacteria.

After some time, take a day to disassemble the fountain and do a thorough cleanup fully. What is more, as a pet parent, remember to pay attention to the eating and drinking habit of your cat. If he’s a messy drinker, debris will appear on your fountain. The result is apparent: that’s where bacteria will grow. Always aim to give your pet the best ceramic cat water fountain.

Lastly, be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer upon cleaning your fountain.


There you have it, those were some suggestions on the best ceramic cat water fountains out there. I hope this article could provide you with some useful information related to the fountain, like how to maintain, and how to choose one.

Best wishes to your pet cat and you, his amazing owner!