What Are Best Ceramic Dog Bowls?

What are ceramic dog bowls?

Ceramic Dog BowlsYou’ll need something to store your dog’s dinner. Make sure you do it in high fashion with a decent bowl!

A dog bowl made from stoneware, earthenware, or porcelain is considered ceramic. The general ones in this category are excellent choices for your pooch, while stoneware proves to be the top priority. Bowls made with it have exceptional durability, weight and are relatively affordable.

Why are ceramic bowls the right choice?

There is a whole of reasons why you should choose a ceramic dog bowl.

They won’t slide easily

If your dog is a playful little pal, and I’m sure every dog is, there’s a good chance that he or she will push the bowl around while eating. That seems like a cute gesture until everything spills and the bowl flips. What is more, dogs will take their dinner container as a toy, carrying it everywhere in your house. Finding the container, therefore, becomes a time-consuming and unnecessary task.

A decent ceramic bowl solves all of those problems. It has a suitable weight and size, so dogs will have difficulties playing around with it.

Microwaving your dog’s food

While I’d recommend giving your buddy the best fresh food every day, you’ll inevitably have to microwave his or her dinner at a point. This is impossible for plastic bowls. As the food gets hotter, the bowl does too, and it will start to melt.

Ceramic is microwavable, so that’s a big bonus.

Ceramic dog bowls are easy to clean

Just a splash of water, detergent and sponge, and every spare food will make its way out of your dog’s food container. As ceramic has a smooth finish, it doesn’t hold things together. A stubborn piece of dog food may still remain, but a long soak will do the work.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with plastic things, it’s noticeable that they’ll become worse after excessive cleaning sessions. A ceramic bowl will stand the test of time.


The 4 best ceramic dog bowls reviews

Not just any ceramic bowl works for your pooch. There’s a wide range of bowl types for your pal, and they serve different purposes. Usually, there are some main criteria that you should take into consideration. For example, a too-small bowl is unsuitable for big dogs. The top bowl will fulfill these conditions: capacity, suitability, mobility, and durability.

I’ll list out 4 best ceramic dog bowls for you to consider, and each of them is relevant for a specific kind of dog that you own.

1. The all-round choice for a wide range of pooches

The Waggo Dipper is probably the best ceramic bowl for most dogs, and it comes with a modern look and a variety of colors.

If you’re fond of a design that’s simple yet elegant, then the Dipper is the best bet. There is no decoration like dog paws or anything. Instead, you get a two-tone finish that looks fine in a modern home setup.

What I love best about the Dipper is that it has a whole lot of colors to choose from. To be honest, it’s probably the model that has the most color choices. From pastel green, brown to bright red, I’m sure Waggo won’t let you down with this product’s color palette.

Furthermore, this ceramic dog bowl comes in three different sizes. The Small size should be comfortable enough for breeds like Beagle or Chihuahua. A German Shepherd will love the Large one, while a dog in the Golden Retriever line should be fine with the Medium size. The sizing that Waggo offers is pretty accurate. Some other brands’ definition of ‘large’ or ‘small’ can be misleading.

The bowl’s interior is smooth, and there’s absolutely nothing that can mess with your pal’s food. Washing the dish is a child’s play, and this bowl is compatible with dishwashers as well. What is more, the smooth surface discourages the dogs from picking it up.

Waggo Dipper has a noticeable weight, and that makes it very hard to move around. Large dogs may still make it move an inch or two, but the bowl won’t tip over easily. Anyway, I’d always recommend you to place the container onto a non-slippery surface or consider getting a specialized bowl for big buddies.

2. The best choice for small pooches

The Bone Dry Lattice is specially made for small dogs, and their sizing runs small. Though the manufacturer has three different sizes that are Small, Medium, and Large, they’d better be described as very small to medium.

Thanks to its size, any dog with a small body can reach the last kibble at the bottom with relative ease. Breeds like Chihuahua or Dachshunds benefit the most from the Bone Dry Lattice. You could also use this ceramic bowl for cats as well.

What makes this bowl good doesn’t end there. This bowl won’t slide anywhere, and by saying that, I mean literally nowhere. Thanks to the rubber ring, the container can’t slip away from your little pooch, and you can place it anywhere inside your home. Dogs that usually lean against the bowl’s side will find this bowl to be a blessing!

Keep in mind, though, that the rubber ring becomes degraded after time. If you can, just try to wash it by hand. Dishwashers are reported to make the ring becomes looser and looser to the point it falls out of the bowl. What is more, if your little pal has a chewing habit, consider obliterating the ring.


3. Big pals get their bowl too

Waggo comes to shine again with the Waggo Gloss. Its large size is a blessing to all big dogs out there. While the line also features Small and Medium bowls, they won’t compare to the Large size.

The Waggo Gloss can hold up to 8 spoons of kibble, which is quite impressive. Giant breeds like the Newfoundland or St. Bernard will fall in love with this instantly.

This comes out on top to be the best choice for big buddies thanks to its weight. Being up to 3 pounds, the Waggo Gloss is nowhere to be picked up by playful pooches in their eating time. It does slide a little, but just face it, there’s not much you can do about that. If this bothers you, try to invest in a non-sliding mat. It reduces movement and catches any food spill caused by your dog.

Furthermore, the weight prevents this bowl from tipping over, despite having quite a high side. That side also keeps food from splashing everywhere when your dog is a messy drinker.

However, flat-faced dogs will have trouble using this bowl. Breeds like Boxers and Mastiffs may not eat efficiently, as the pot becomes narrow towards the bottom. Anyway, any large dog will find this bowl fantastic. As usual, the Waggo Gloss comes in various color choices.

4. The best bowl for untidy pooches

Have you ever struggled with your dog spilling food and water everywhere when eating? Well, this product from Modern Artisans solves the problem completely. Their No-Spill ceramic bowl is a heavy handmade one that is designed solely for this purpose.

The design is pretty useful to stop things from getting messy. With its folding edge, the bowl manages to keep everything inside the container, no matter how hard your dog hits it.

This ceramic dog bowl comes in two sizes, and both are quite heavy compared to the regular dishes. The Small size can hold up to 22 oz of water, while the Large one is capable of 45 oz. There is no way that a dog can carry the bowl away, as the first weighs 2 pounds, and the latter is 4.

The inward curling edge keeps water inside the bowl, but the trapped water can be a problem. Modern Artisans surely have thought about this previously, and they included four holes on the bowl’s ring. When washing, they let water escape, so mold and mildew won’t have a chance to ruin your dog’s water container.

Some honorable mentions

These ceramic dog bowls are decent but fail to shine in a particular situation. However, they can work just fine.

Alfie Pet is a bowl that is exclusive for flat-faced dogs. Your Pug will love it! The only problem with this bowl is that it’s way too easy to break. Furthermore, its weight allows the dog to pick up, which ends in a not-so-good fashion. My friend’s American Bulldog broke the bowl the first time he got to use it. If you’re really going to use this, it’s best for a small, flat-faced pooch.

If you want a long list of products to choose from, the Signature Housewares can fulfill your needs. They have a wide range of bowls, and each has cute decorations. If you find this a top solution, I’d recommend using the small size only. The medium and large containers are prone to chipping, and that’s not a welcoming scenario.

Some things to put in mind when using ceramic bowls

The bowl is breakable

Let’s face it, the plastic and stainless steel bowls are out there for precisely this reason. Ceramic pots are gentle and firm, but accidentally dropping them is a nightmare, and you’ll have to change to another. It’s best to have a container that stores the bowl nicely and remember to put it in there after a dog’s meal. Careful handling is one of the best ways to ensure the bowl’s longevity.

If the bowl has a crack or chip, throw it away

Even if it’s a small, hard-to-notice crack, it can cause harm to your dog. You may feel like it’s a too expensive way to handle the situation, but that’s the only one. Dogs aren’t humans – while we can expect the crack and dodge them, dogs can’t. It’d be painful for a dog if he or she swallows a piece of ceramic!

They are less portable

Times will come when you need to take your dog out for a pleasure trip. The usual ceramic bowl may be too heavy and fragile to carry with, so it’s best to have an additional plastic bowl for trips.

They must be cleaned by hands

Some models are dishwasher-safe, but the majority isn’t. Ceramic bowls, if put in the extreme and hot water of dishwashers, can generate cracks. Therefore, you’ll need to spend some time cleaning the container yourself. It won’t take much time, and make sure you do it in a relaxed manner.


There you have it, the best ceramic dog bowls are there for you to consider. Ceramic pots are a great solution to storing your best friend’s water and food. It’s essential to do researches in advance to choose the one that fits your dog the most.

Does your dog use a ceramic bowl, and what’s your favorite? Please let me know in the comments!