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There are layers of stories on the surfaces of Burnett's pots: stories created using both traditional and contemporary ceramic processes and told through pop-culture imagery, text, line work, patterning, and a knowing use of color. Pulling from his emotion, surroundings, past, and a world well beyond his touch, he gathers them into a harmonious whole.
-Ceramics Monthly, 2013

My fascination begins with the vocabulary of vessels. They narrate our domestic interiors and reflect daily routines. Stained coffee cups, cracked collector plates, and precious ceramic heirlooms all have stories that are worth translating.

Through personal expression of stains, implied cracks and over refined patterns I suggest evidence of my own calamitous tales of adolescence, variation of domestic landscapes and interest in pop culture. I aspire to create fantastical vessels that celebrate vulnerability and beauty, sugarcoat life’s escapades, and serve as a bridge between the real and surreal.